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Why Choose Wintergreen Couch?

Soft & Durable

Wintergreen is a hybrid couch and has a fine, dense, soft leaf texture and is ideal for medium to heavy traffic areas. It is extremely hard-wearing and has a deep root system. Wintergreen couch will tolerate heavy traffic with quick recovery if it is damaged so Sunshine Coast Turf recommend this for use in office or commercial environments.

Wintergreen Couch requires less water and survives better than most other turfs which is why it has been popular for decades for those wanting turf on a budget.

It is ideal for residential areas, urban infill areas, commercial sites, parklands, playing fields and golf courses. The fine leaf of Wintergreen Couch combined with its softness and budget price make this turf a popular choice for lawn enthusiasts. As a semi-vigorous creeping perennial, it has above ground runners only and can be maintained in border areas.

If you’d like to learn more about whether wintergreen couch is a good turf option for your home, check out our blog about the best types of turf for the Sunshine Coast or give us a call on 0408 193 362 if you want to schedule turf delivery.

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Tolerates a wide range of soil conditions

Will also tolerate a wide range of soil conditions and is ideal for hot, north facing conditions. In frosted areas it will brown off but after watering and fertiliser it will rapidly recover.

Durable when Fertilised regularly

Wintergreen Couch will have good resistance to weeds and will retain good winter colour. Its durability, deep root system and dark green colour when fertilised regularly make Wintergreen Couch an easy maintenance lawn for sunny yards with a minimum of six hours of sun per day.

Budget price

Wintergreen Couch looks best mown short and is durable and fast growing.

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