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At Sunshine Coast Turf, we offer an array of landscaping services across the Sunshine Coast. Inspired by the beauty of the area, we create unique landscape and garden designs to create a special, idyllic and comforting space for our clients. You can rely on our experienced team to bring your dream landscape to life.

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Landscape Design In Front Yard

Landscape Design

Our landscape design team will work with you to create a functional, elegant outdoor living space to meet all of your needs. We can transform a basic patio or yard space into a modern, one-of-a-kind area for the whole family to enjoy. Landscape design can range from simply modifying existing outdoor space to give it a brand new look, or it can mean completely overhauling the space so it’s more aesthetically pleasing and useful to your family.

Garden Design

Our garden design services can completely transform your garden space to create a friendly and welcoming retreat in your own home. We work closely with you to design and create a garden that is safe, relaxing and one you can enjoy spending lots of time in, both individually and with your friends and family. We have the experience to create an elegant design that’s both functional and sustainable.

Landscape Design In Home Garden
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What's Included In A Landscape Design Package?

Our landscape design packages are available for both landscape and garden designs. The package itself includes a landscape plan, a planting plan, a plant schedule and 3D rendered drawings.

Our Landscape Design Services

Here at Sunshine Coast Turf, we offer professional and reliable landscape design services that focus on achieving what you want from your outdoor space. We are extremely passionate about creating functional, liveable spaces that are also beautiful reflections of the client and the Sunshine Coast. Our landscape designers are committed to creating sustainable outdoor areas using the latest trends and advanced technologies to maximise the potential of the space. You can rely on our team of expert, experienced designers to produce quality workmanship.

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Our Landscape Design Process

Obligation Free Consultation

Our obligation free consultation allows you to sit down and have a friendly conversation with one of our expert designers to discuss your hopes for your outdoor living space. During this consultation, our designers will carry out a quick assessment of the space to consider which elements would simply need modifying or require excavation.

Landscaping In The Garden
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Planning And Designing

Our designers will begin to create a plan based on your vision and determine how best to bring it to life. You will be involved throughout the planning process, ensuring that the space is a reflection of your needs and vision for the space.

Excavation And Transformation

Once the design has been agreed on, our team will begin to transform the outdoor space, beginning with excavation work if required or simply making modern adjustments to the existing space. We’ll begin the preparation and turf installation as soon as you choose the best turf for your landscape and book your turf delivery with Sunshine Coast Turf.  In no time, your garden will be completely transformed.

For more information about our landscaping and garden design services across the Sunshine Coast, you can contact us directly to arrange a consultation or call us at 0408 193 362.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of our services varies depending on the size of your garden/outdoor space and the extent of the transformative work required to achieve your vision.

The autumn season is probably the best time to landscape your garden in Australia as the heat isn’t too harsh and the weather makes the garden much more manageable throughout the landscaping process.

Sustainable landscaping is landscaping that has a minimal impact on the surrounding environment. We work hard to keep our landscaping services sustainable by limiting our resources and using renewable materials.