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Are you looking for a turf supplier Sunshine Coast locals trust? At Sunshine Coast Turf & Landscapes, we supply and install high-quality turf that looks great and is designed to thrive. Our personalised approach to growing and laying turf keeps our customers coming back time and time again. If you need great turf on the Sunshine Coast, that’s our business – and we do it well.

We’re committed to improving your outdoor experience through vibrant, healthy, and robust lawns that suit just about any budget. For outstanding customer service and competitive prices, there’s no better turf farm than Sunshine Coast Turf & Landscapes.

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Our Sunshine Coast Turf

Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo​ — Turf Supplier Sunshine Coast, QLD

Shade tolerant, pet-friendly and easy maintenance are some of the best qualities of Matilda soft leaf buffalo turf. Making it the ideal option for those looking for a versatile choice for their outdoor spaces that doesn’t require too much attention and looks great all year round.

Often referred to as E.Z. grass, Empire™ Zoysia is hardy, easy to look after and requires only infrequent mowing and water to keep it in top condition. Add on a soft feel and pest resistance, and it’s easy to see why this turf is one of our best-sellers.

Empire Zoysia​ — Turf Supplier Sunshine Coast, QLD
Tropika Blue​​ — Turf Supplier Sunshine Coast, QLD
The ideal choice for those that want beautiful turf without the inconvenience of allergies, Tropika Blue is a striking natural blue that thrives in sunny conditions and includes allelopathic properties to prevent the growth of other grasses or weeds.
A hybrid turf well-known for its density and soft feel, Wintergreen Couch is a hardy choice that’s ideal for medium to high traffic areas around the home. Thanks to deep roots and a robust nature, this turf is an excellent budget option that stands the test of time.
Wintergreen Couch​​ — Turf Supplier Sunshine Coast, QLD
Carpet Grass Mix​​ — Turf Supplier Sunshine Coast, QLD

Durable, hard-wearing, and excellent for those on a tight budget, our carpet grass mix is broad-leaved and thrives even in less than ideal locations. It’s a perfect choice for anything from turfing acreage to erosion control and works best in slightly shaded areas.

Our Turf Services

For that picture-perfect finish, we provide all turf installation and landscaping services on the Sunshine Coast. Our expert team is equipped with the skills and experience to ensure a perfect turf installation every time.

At Sunshine Coast Turf and Landscapes, we only deliver the freshest turf on offer to ensure the best possible results. With harvesting Monday through Saturday, and prompt delivery as well as pick-up available with our courtesy trailer, getting your turf where you need it has never been easier.

From parks to golf courses, rural properties to sporting grounds, we’ve supplied high-quality turf for hundreds of ongoing commercial renovations and developments. Our expert installers can ensure excellent results, whether you’re considering stolonising, aerating or any other turf option.

Our Landscaping Services

If you’re looking to re-create your garden or build one from scratch, we offer a range of landscaping services to suit your needs. From landscape construction and garden installation to garden edging and paving, our in-house landscapers will build the garden of your dreams.

Our landscape design team offer custom landscaping and garden designs to suit all needs and budgets. Using modern 3D rendering software, you will be able to be fully involved during the planning and design phase to ensure everything is tailored to your requirements.

From parks to golf courses, rural properties to sporting grounds, we’ve supplied high-quality turf for hundreds of ongoing commercial renovations and developments. Our expert installers can ensure excellent results, whether you’re considering stolonising, aerating or any other turf option.

A Turf Farm on the Sunshine Coast

At Sunshine Coast Turf and Landscapes, we believe in offering the best customer service as well as the best quality turf. Get in touch with us today for a free quote. Whether you’re a tradie purchasing turf for an upcoming job or a homeowner looking for the complete service, we’re the ideal choice for you.

Turf Installation at a Sunshine Coast property

You likely already know that purchasing fresh turf directly is the best way to save costs and ensure excellent standards for your customers. We’re the ideal choice on the Sunshine Coast for tradies, with incredible trade discounts for repeat customers.

Benefits of Turf

A Dog playing on grass installed by Sunshine Coast Turf & Landscapes

250 square metres of turf provides enough daily oxygen for 12 people

Turf provides the essential part of a peaceful, green oasis. Turf is not only a balm for the soul, it is also one of the best environmental protectors as it prevents erosion, preserves water, purifies the air and supplies oxygen.

Provides A Natural Filter

Runoff water in urban areas carries many pollutants. Turf acts as a natural filter, reducing pollution by trapping dust and dirt and purifying the water passing through its roots.

Child and Dog Playing Fetch on grass purchased at a Turf Farm on the Sunshine Coast
Our Sunshine Coast Turf reduces soil erosion

Reduces Soil Erosion

The clean gentle strength of turf is the most cost-effective method for controlling wind and water erosion.

Improves Community & Human Health

Turf quietly adds to the beauty of our lives and even our mental and physical health. Doctors have shown that people recover faster in a hospital when given a landscape view, rather than seeing the walls of adjoining buildings.
Backyard Grass purchased at a Sunshine Coast Turf Farm

Frequently Asked Questions

You are welcome to visit our turf farm Monday to Friday (10am to 2pm) and on weekends by arrangement. Call us today to arrange a time that suits so you can choose the turf that suits your budget and conditions.
We grow many different types of turf and your choice will depend on personal preference, budget and importantly, the conditions in your yard. First, estimate the amount of sun your lawn will receive each day. Fine leaf turf such as Wintergreen Couch grass require a minimum of six hours sun daily. Broad leaf turfs such as Matilda Soft Leaf buffalo, Carpet Grass and Sweet Smother will grow in up to 80% shade or three hours sun a day however, it will grow if it’s fully exposed to the sun. Take into consideration how much maintenance you want and the amount of traffic from pets and people. How good is the drainage in the area to be turfed? Contact us for advice to select the best lawn for your budget and conditions.

For simple squares and rectangles, determine the area to be turfed by measuring (in metres) the length and width of each area and multiple for the square metres. For unusual shapes, measure the medium average of the length and width and multiply these. If your yard has different shapes, plan to measure the individual areas. We also recommend you add 3% to the total to allow for cutting in and wastage.

Email us at sales@scturf.com.au and we will endeavour to help. You can also phone us on (07) 5494 5458 or 0408 193 362.

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