Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo Sunshine Coast

Beautiful & Practical Turf

A registered premium turf that is lush, tropical and softer than most other buffaloes.

Matilda soft leaf buffalo is shade tolerant, pet-friendly and easy to maintain turf, suitable for residential or commercial purposes. Children and pets love to roll and play on turf and, if they have an above average sensitivity to grasses, Matilda’s semi-dwarf leaf makes it the ideal choice for homeowners. Sunshine Coast Turf provide the most freshly cut Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo for homeowners and offices on the Sunshine Coast.

It is a 100% Australian turf rated as one of the most consistent top performers and is beautiful to look at, soft to touch and has a lush, evergreen colour all year round. Matilda soft leaf buffalo is soft, drought tolerant and hard-wearing. Matilda is a versatile turf that will grow in full sun and up to eighty per cent shade.

Matilda’s salt tolerance and disease resistance make it an ideal choice for Sunshine Coast homes, and it is also highly chemical resistant, making it a good choice to place around pools and salty, coastal environments. Matilda soft leaf buffalo outperformed eighteen other varieties of commercially available buffaloes when trialled at 15 sites around Australia. It scored the highest for shade and wear tolerance plus disease resistance.

If you’d like to learn more about whether this type of turf is suitable for your home, check out our blog about the best types of turf for the Sunshine Coast or give us a call on 0408 193 362.

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Matilda has a fibrous root system

Matilda has a higher density leaf per square metre, providing a lower evaporation rate than other varieties of soft leaf buffalo available on the market and requires less water than other varieties of buffalo turf.

Matilda soft leaf buffalo will cope with the wear and tear that other lawns can’t handle

Matilda has a very tight, dense root system which helps to keep weeds out. Matilda soft leaf buffalo has been extensively tested and is well suited to Australian conditions, outperforming expectations in almost any environment.

Matilda soft leaf buffalo withstands the climate and conditions of this country

Matilda is durable enough to cope with the impact of family life and pets and remains lush and soft under bare feet and paws. Schedule your Matilda turf delivery by calling 0408 193 362 and start your turf care and laying.

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