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What Is The Best Turf For Sunshine Coast?

The Sunshine Coast’s unique, sunny climate calls for a special kind of turf—turf that can resist the sun’s blistering rays as well as the region’s muggy, rainy seasons.

Choosing the right kind of turf is essential for keeping a beautiful, green garden year-round. Some turf types might hold up fine, but if you want your lawn to truly thrive, you’ll need to pick a variety suited to the surrounding environment.

Thankfully, with this list, you’ll be able to easily make the right choice for your home. Keep reading to find out more about the best types of turf for Sunshine Coast homeowners.

Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo is a premium turf with a soft, lush feel. Thanks to its acclimation to tropical climates—and its status as a 100% Australian turf variety—Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo is an excellent choice for Sunshine Coast homeowners.

Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo is one of the most popular types of lawn across Australia. It has many benefits, which include its eye-catching look, high durability, and low maintenance. Buffalo Turf is an excellent choice for homeowners searching for a low-maintenance, stylish, and durable lawn. It has a luscious, natural green colour that will never fade throughout the seasons, and it’s also resistant to pests and weeds.

As its name suggests, Tropika Blue is an ideal option for homeowners living in tropical environments. It’s also a fantastic choice for allergy sufferers. The turf originates from Africa’s Swaziland and features a stunning blue-green colour, perfect for creating a beautiful backyard entertaining space.

Bonus! Tropika Blue is incredibly low-maintenance thanks to its amazing natural ability to suppress weeds and other grasses. The chemicals its root systems express into the soil act as pre-emergent herbicides, making this variety a smart choice for busy Sunshine Coast homeowners.

If you’re looking for a soft and durable turf variety, Wintergreen Couch is the way to go. This turf type is incredibly hard-wearing, making it a fantastic choice for endless backyard cricket games through the long Sunshine Coast summers.

While this type of turf is popular in urban infill areas, parklands, and commercial sites, it’s still an amazing option for residential homes. Since it easily tolerates an enormous range of soil and climate conditions, Wintergreen Couch is a perfect match for north-facing homes.

Carpet Grass Mix is a great choice for budget-conscious Sunshine Coast shoppers. This variety features stunningly bright, green leaves designed to thrive in low-maintenance areas.

Like Tropika Blue, Carpet Grass Mix also naturally suppresses other grass types and weeds. It’s well-acclimated to tropical and sub-tropical coastal regions, making it ideal for growing on the Sunshine Coast.

Empire Zoyisa is an innovative turf variety known for its reduced need for water, mowing, and general maintenance. It also requires a minimum of just six hours of sunlight year-round, making it an excellent option for shady environments.

Through the Sunshine Coast’s cool winters and warm, humid summers, Empire Zoyisa holds up well. This variety thrives in high humidity and heat while maintaining its beautiful, deep green colour through winter.

Whether your backyard features thick, clay-like soil or a looser, sandier variety, Empire Zoyisa will thrive regardless. It’s also soft to the touch despite its durability—so if you’ve got kids or pets who love to run around and feel the grass between their toes, Empire Zoyisa is for you!

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