Tropika Blue Turf Sunshine Coast

Why Choose Tropika Blue

The Weed-Free Solution

Tropika Blue is an improved variety of blue couch. Ideal for allergy sufferers and a beautiful, unique turf.

Tropika (Digitaria didactyla syn D. Swazilandensis) is much-improved when compared to blue couch as it requires less watering and maintenance. Tropika Blue was originally imported into Australia by the DPI from South Africa where it is called Swazi grass.

Tropika Blue is allelopathic and has the ability to naturally suppress other grasses and weeds. Its root system exudes chemicals that act as a natural pre-emergent herbicide, making it ideal for domestic or commercial lawns and parklands.

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This is a safe and ecological way to achieve and maintain a weed-free lawn.

This attribute enables Tropika to outperform almost all other turf grasses in maintaining a single species lawn. Another benefit is Tropika Blue does not produce underground rhizomes, so is less invasive near garden beds than green couch.

It is an improved variety of blue couch

And looks similar in colour and appearance but is hardier and requires less maintenance. It has a beautiful, natural blue colour and a low nutrient requirement. Tropika has attractive leaves of around 4mm in thickness and has minimal seed head production, making it the obvious choice for allergy sufferers. Tropika Blue prefers free-draining coastal sands and loams but adapts well to light clays and well-structured heavy clay soils. Tropika forms an attractive, thick cover of turf that looks lush and inviting.

Tropika Blue is drought tolerant

And does not thin out like Queensland blue couch in dry periods as it is deep rooting and requires less fertiliser inputs than green couch. It maintains a dense appearance, not exposing the soil surface to allow weed establishment or erosion. Tropika Blue recovers quickly from scalping, wear and tear so it means less turf care maintenance and it copes with high temperatures as long as there is root zone moisture. This turf should be grown in sunny positions similar to couches with a minimum of six hours sun all year round. Schedule your turf delivery today or check more landscaping supplies we have on our shop.