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Katek Super Booster

Katek’s Organic Super Booster Fertiliser - Landscaping Supplies on the Sunshine Coast

The heart of our fertiliser range


Naturally composted poultry manure, full of live beneficial microbes and rich in plant available nutrients. The added humates have great benefits for the soil. They improve nutrient holding ability, stimulate beneficial fungi and help reduce nutrient lockup. Katek’s organic fertiliser pellets have an organic base rich in organic carbon compounds, the major energy source for soil microbes. Delivers a slow release of major and trace elements for healthy, balanced soil.

Helps build organic carbon levels (humus) in the soil which has a number of benefits: The soil structure is improved with increased aeration, drainage and improved moisture retention.

Soil biology is stimulated, increasing numbers of beneficial microbes and fungi which leads to improved nutrient availability, retention and nutrient uptake by the growing crop. Suitable for the entire garden, for better blooms, lush lawn and bountiful fruit and vegetables. Safe enough to use on natives, shrubs and palms with no fear of burning. Australian Organic registered product, suitable for use on organic gardens and farms.
Available as pellets, granules and fines. Available in 15kg and 25kg bags and bulka bags

Katek Super Grass

Lush green grass SUPER FAST!


Super Grass is a balanced mix of synthetic and organic fertiliser granules with major and trace elements. Katek Super Grass provides excellent results for your lawn, fairways, resorts and pasture applications.

Suitable for:

Katek Super Grass Fertiliser - Landscaping Supplies on the Sunshine Coast
Turf Supplies on the Sunshine Coast

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Under Turf Blend Soil

Under Turf Blend Soil Supplies on the Sunshine coast
Screened Topsoil Supplies on the Sunshine Coast

Screened Topsoil

Sand And Garden Soil

It may seem to be somewhat illogical to include sand in your garden’s soil, but it can be incredibly important for the health of your plants (especially those with thin roots).

The sand disrupts the structure of the soil, leaving air pockets throughout the garden for fine wiry roots to use when growing.

This can also contribute to your garden draining more effectively, so if you’re in an area that deals with a significant amount of rain you might want to include a higher proportion of sand in your composite soil.

Sand and garden soil supplies on the Sunshine Coast
Decorative Stone paving on the Sunshine Coast

Decorative Stone Paving

After you’ve put all the soil and seeds down in your garden, you’ll need to put down decorative stone paving. After all, you don’t want your garden turning into a mudbath at the first sign of rain. 

You can use decorative stone paving to give yourself a path to key features of your garden or even to simply improve the look of your outdoor space. 

Here at Sunshine Coast Turf, we offer a selection of decorative stone paving slabs to give you the look you desire in your garden. Contact us for our available stone paving.

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