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Are you planning to sell your home? Are you an investor or you simply want great street appeal? First impressions count. There is no better way to achieve an attractive finish than to establish a beautiful front yard with turf and gardens for kerbside appeal.

Whether you are a homeowner, builder or commercial enterprise, we can install your turf professionally and with minimal fuss. We also offer a landscaping service which includes garden design advice, information about how to choose the best turf for your conditions, supplying the right soil for either your yard or gardens, fertiliser, plants, garden edging in either timber or concrete, stones, gully pits and mulch.

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The Turf Installation Process

To ensure the finish is of a high standard, we inspect the project to make sure that soil levels are correct, and that turf preparation is complete. We then distribute a quality organic fertiliser to encourage the growth of your newly installed turf so that it will establish quickly.

Our turf is installed over organic fertiliser in a brick pattern to stagger the joins and is then watered and rolled. Lastly, we sweep all concrete and paved areas including the gutter area to ensure a clean and tidy finish.

Alternatively, we can give you expert advice and will lend you, at no charge, a levelling bar and roller to achieve a professional finish. Sunshine Coast Turf will give you an itemised quote so that you have the option, choose which of the services you would prefer to do yourself and better still, the costs are clearly stated. We are happy to work with you and your budget.

Sunshine Coast Turf provides high-grade turf installation Sunshine Coast residents can rely on to look amazing and last well. Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications, our premium turf is laid in a way that encourages fast rooting, even growth and a surface that’s easy to manage. If you want to see the difference that turf installation by experienced, skilled professionals can make, it’s time to give Sunshine Coast Turf a call.

Call on (0408) 193 362.

Man Installing Turf

Choose Your Turf

Before we start working on your turf installation, the first thing we do is meet with you to discuss the type of turf that’s going to be right for your site, as well as take measurements of the area you want covering. Our team also assesses the condition of the site, to work out what type of preparation will be needed. Please contact us if you are a tradies and would like to be prioritised.

There are several different types of turf available, each of which is suitable for a slightly different purpose:

  • Matilda Soft Leaf Buffalo. This is a soft turf that’s ideal for shady areas and households where there are pets and/or children. Extremely hardy, it can tolerate the tough weather conditions here on the Gold Coast.
  • Empire Zoysia. Low-maintenance, hardy and capable of growing in shade as well as tolerating full sunlight, Empire Zoysia is perfect for people who want to keep lawn care to a minimum.
  • Tropika Blue. If allergies are a problem, Tropika Blue could be a good choice, as it’s been developed to release minimal pollen.
  • Wintergreen Couch. A great budget option, Wintergreen Couch can tolerate heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions with minimal maintenance. Ideal for commercial and widespread cover.
  • Carpet Grass Mix. A good all-rounder that requires minimal maintenance. Ideal for parklands and recreational areas.

We are always happy to make a recommendation based on our experience of what works best in particular locations.


Site Preparation

We do everything necessary to prepare the site for the turf installation.

  • Weeds, rocks and other debris are all removed.
  • The topsoil is dug over to around 15cm depth.
  • The area is levelled to ensure that the lawn will be flat. If you need turf laying on a gradient, we will work with you to create a smooth gradient that offers an attractive finish.

Add Fertiliser

We use an organic, high-grade fertiliser which we spread generously to give the turf all the nutrients needed for rapid, vigorous growth.


Lay The Turf

We lay the turf using a brick configuration that helps to stagger the corners. This optimises the chances of an evenly turfed lawn and reduces the likelihood of turf corners being dislodged during lawn maintenance.

  • Once the turf is laid, we roll it to make sure it’s level and well bedded in.
  • We water the turf thoroughly.

Post-Installation Clean Up and Inspection

Our aim is to leave your site in pristine condition, so we sweep all paths, decks, gutters and other areas near the installation site. If you have any problems or queries after your turf has been laid, give us a call on (0408) 193 362.

We Supply Soil & Turf

Landscaping Team Preparing Soil for Turf Installation on the Sunshine Coast. QLD

How We Install Soil & Turf for Our Customers

Achieving the correct levels of soil in your yard is important to help with drainage and to keep your concreted and paved areas clean. Our Bobcat operator will work with the homeowner to ensure there is minimal hand preparation required when the job is completed.

We recommend and use only the best screened soil for your project and under-turf blend soil, which is rich in nutrients, has humus content to hold moisture and is the ideal base for new turf.

Ideally there should be a minimum of 50mm of topsoil distributed prior to laying your turf with the ideal being 100mm. Remember, you only get one shot at getting your preparation right for a great finish. You are investing your hard-earned money and you want your turf to establish quickly and continue to thrive for years to come.

You will need 1 cubic metre of soil for every 20 square metres of turf if you are spreading soil to a 50mm thickness. Remember to keep your turf level 75mm below the weep holes around the perimeter of the house. The equation is square metres times centimetre depth required, e.g.: 20 square metres x 5cm or .05 = 1 cubic metre.

We can supply screened topsoil, under-turf blend soil, mulch, bark, landscape and garden mix to your property at a competitive price and arrange a Bobcat to distribute it or a Kanga if access is limited.

We are the top turf supplier on the Sunshine Coast so be assured we deliver quality turf supplies for you. Call us on 0408 193 362 to arrange for one of our specialists to visit your property for advice and an obligation-free quote.

Landscaper Installing Turf on the Sunshine Coast. QLD

We Have Bobcats & Kangas

Recently Installed Turf on the Sunshine Coast, QLD

Bobcats are versatile machines and leave minimum footprints on your property. Their efficient workflow can save you hours of back-breaking labour. For those tight access properties, a Kanga is an ideal choice. Its compact size will enable the machine to travel down the sides of properties – a metre clearance is needed.

Our operators have many years of experience and will complete the work with efficiency, skill and care. They are punctual and tidy up after the job is completed, leaving your site clean and ready for turf. 

Turf installation FAQs

Yes! Our hardy turf varieties can be laid at any time. Turf laid during the cooler months tends to need much less watering (which is excellent when we’re facing water restrictions). It’s also slower to grow, so less maintenance time is needed.

Ideally, new turf should be kept damp for the first four to six weeks, whilst the roots bed in. This normally means watering lightly three times a day for the first few weeks. After this, much less frequent irrigation is needed.

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