Carpet Grass Mix Sunshine Coast

Why Choose Carpet Grass Mix?

Designed To Thrive

A durable, hard-wearing turf—budget priced and shade tolerant. The ability of broad, bright, green-leafed carpet grass mix to thrive in less than ideal conditions makes it suitable for low maintenance areas such as acreage, parks roadsides and erosion control.

Carpet grass mix is a warm, seasonal perennial grass that will tolerate shade conditions and high traffic areas and has dense green growth. It will also assist in the suppression of certain weeds and grows well in sub-tropical and tropical coastal areas.

If you’d like to learn more about whether carpet grass mix is the best option for your home, check out our blog about the best types of turf for the Sunshine Coast or give us a call on 0408 193 362.

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Quick Quote

Our carpet grass mix has a small amount of couch in it for durability when harvesting.

Carpet grass mix is a good choice for slightly shaded areas that remain damp, moist or wet for long periods. Its dense growth habit will decrease weed infiltration for low or no herbicide use.

If you are looking for a turf that will grow in low fertile conditions, This is the turf for you.

Carpet grass mix likes a minimum of four hours sun per day and is the only turf that doesn’t mind wet feet. Contact us on today to order and schedule your turf delivery.

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